Mobile Budgeting App For Students

Financial wellness is very important for post secondary students success. I propose implementing a mobile budgeting app for students to be able to clearly manage their expenses.

The online budgeting app being accessed on a tablet.

The app will give free access to Humber students who provide their student number to the app. This app can provide visual aids and charts about students financial positions based on the information they input into the app. Students will be able to access the mobile budgeting app through their personal phone devices or any device with internet access.

Mobile budgeting tools have been proven to provide benefits to students who use them. One of these benefits is that a budgeting app allows for a clear visual understanding of a students expenses (“Mohr,” 2011). Another benefit is when students can see their expenses they can better prepare for them in their future. This is because budgeting tools builds confidence when dealing with financial problems (“Mohr,” 2011). One last benefit in regards to budgeting tools is that students can keep track of their unnecessary spending. Allowing them to find ways to save more money and set some aside for emergencies (“Mohr,” 2011).

The mobile budgeting app would work well for the students at Humber College. Humber focuses on wellness-enhancing environments, inclusiveness of everyone and equity based programs (“Social equity and well-being,” 2016). The mobile budgeting app would be accessible to every student at Humber College, assisting each specific student.


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